14/09/2016 - Corporate News

Virú Sweet Quinoa creation wins 2016 SIAL Innovation Prix

Sweet Quinoa Creation has been awarded at SIAL INNOVATION PRIX 2016, the SIAL Innovation Observatory’s prestigious prize. Celebrating food state-of-the-art and new products emerging in the market, SIAL Innovation selects the most innovative products displayed by SIAL Paris exhibitors.

Sweet Quinoa is a Virú product line ready to eat, gluten free and with no GMO, coming in multiple sizes and in six delicious combinations.

Three classic flavors: quinoa with mango and passion fruit, quinoa with mango, pineapple and papaya, quinoa with mango, blueberry and goldenberry; and three new flavors: quinoa with mango and coconut, quinoa with mango and peach, and quinoa with Peach.

These quinoa and fresh fruit – based desserts are multivitamin, rich in fiber and essential amino acids, and low in calories. A new, smart and healthy product line suitable for breakfast, sweet courses or energy-boosting snacks.

Our Sweet Quinoa line has been Chosen among 2.188 products for having innovative characteristics and new benefits for consumers. A major achievement for Virú, that is going to attend as exhibitor the Sial Paris global fair in October.

SIAL Paris is the world’s largest food innovation exhibition, a worldwide food community meeting with thousands of exhibitors presenting their products from all over the world.

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