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From Farm to Fork: Traceability of Agricultural Products

Food Traceability

Also known as the “one-step-back-one-step-forward” principle, traceability is the ability to identify the origin of food and feed ingredients and food sources.
In food processing , the term traceability refers to all movements of product and steps within the production process.

A traceability system allows an organization to document and/ or to locate a product through the stages and operations involved in the manufacture, processing, distribution and handling of feed and food, from primary production to consumption.

The Importance of Traceability for Manufacturers and Consumers

Traceability is a way of responding to potential risks that can arise in food and feed, to ensure that all food products are safe for all citizens of the world .
It is crucial for manufacturers to make their products on the market traceable. Indeed some retailers may choose to make information regarding their supply chain freely available to customers, illustrating the fact that the products they sell are manufactured in factories with safe working conditions, by workers that earn a fair wage, using methods that do not damage the environment .
Process and product certifications guarantee a very high level of traceability , and it is important that the consumer is informed about the certifications of the products he is purchasing.

Traceability is Important to Us

As industry professionals, we believe it’s our responsibility to help consumers establish food system connections and help bridge the gap between bad and expert opinions regarding food risks, including traceability.
We do this through certifications, not only for products and process, but also for environmental protection:

Global Gap Certification

With this certification is possible to follow all the steps of the process of agricultural production and export, manipulation of products, and all the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). This set of good practices aims to achieve crops as safe, and agriculture as sustainable and environmentally respectful.


This is a particular specialization of GLOBAL GAP certification which aims to ensure that workers carry out their tasks in the best working conditions: health, wellness and safety are ever guaranteed for our workers.

Rain Forest Alliance

With the Rainforest Alliance we have a certification program based on sustainability, in order to guarantee the protection of the environment, but also equality and economic viability.
Furthermore, improving traceability encourages and promotes the consumption of domestically produced products thereby helping the national economy.
At the same time, better traceability also helps facilitate international trade by taking the domestically produced food to markets outside the region and creating a demand for it.

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