29/07/2021 - Corporate News

Great Place To Work recognizes us for the second consecutive year as the Best Industry to work in Peru

Thanks to the good results obtained, as well as the high levels of trust, respect and the great work experience we offer to our employees, Viru was positioned, for the second consecutive year, with the first place in the ranking of the Best Industries to Work in Peru 2021 of Great Place To Work. In this way, we are the best and only company in the agribusiness sector in the country to obtain this recognition.

The support of our more than 12 thousand employees and strategic decision making have allowed Viru to continue leading the agribusiness industry in the country, promoting the generation of formal employment in various regions of the country. The team’s perseverance and willingness to reinvent itself in the face of various changes motivates us to continue reaping more successes and to work for the country.

This award symbolizes the great work, effort and commitment that we have been carrying out for more than 26 years. Despite the health emergency caused by the effects of COVID-19, Viru has maintained its vision and objectives, and we continue to work with a responsible approach in all our agricultural and industrial operations nationwide, always focused on ensuring the health, safety, well-being and labor development of our employees.