07/08/2020 - Blog

The growth of private label products

According to the Private Label Manufacturers Association’s (PLMA) and “The Rise and Rise Again of Private Label” report prepared by Nielsen in 2018, private label products are experiencing an impressive growth across Europe.

The main drivers are the expansion of retailing around the world, the development of the e-commerce channel and the emergence of millennials as the generation with the highest spending power.

Millennials are more open-minded to try new products including private labels, especially if they provide more nutritional value and are convenient. They are also more eco-conscious and appreciate eco-friendly packaging solutions, such as the ones that can be reused at home and contribute to the circular economy. They live on the go and are keen to buy ready-to-eat meals which align with their lifestyle.

The Nielsen report underlines also the opportunity for retailers to use private labels to expand their product range and include healthy options especially for consumers with special dietary needs.

Another emerging trend is offering meal kits with pre measured ingredients to serve consumers that like cooking and desire more control over the ingredients that go into their meals.

The role of custom packaging for retail, food service and food industry 

Packaging can play an important part in product and brand differentiation, especially with the spread of premium and mid-range offerings beside the traditional cheap ones. 

Custom attractive packaging can help products stand out on the shelf and brands to widen and differentiate their offering. 

In order to respect this market trend, Virú S.A offers white-label solutions for retail, food service and food industry.

We develop your vision from concept to finished product by providing custom solutions for branding, label design, prototyping and packaging

Product cutting and sizes are also completely customizable.

This flexibility can be used to enhance your brand’s offering and provide your customers with a wide and unique offering.

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