13/08/2020 - Blog

Home meal kits with pre-measured ingredients

What are meal kits

A meal kit is consists of ingredients to cook a meal, and the consumers mix the ingredients and cook it according to the detailed instructions provided.

Ready-made, prepared or ready-to-eat are meals that arrive already pre-cooked.

Everyone of them often come at consumers with packets of sauce or seasoning.

Unlike meal kits, which are primarily focused on dinner, ready-made meals are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Why are meal kits so popular

Job, commitments and tight times often induce to eat fast, even if for many people this is an entrenched habit, that prescinds from hurry.

Eat fast is a habit completely wrong from the health point of view because it cause many intestinal problems as well as storage of food in our body.

This is why the trend of the global market is to bring more and more foods that can be pre-packed but at the same time that could maintain the nutritional conditions of the products used.

We are helped by the home meal kits with pre-measured ingredients, because although they are made of healthy ingredients, they are very easy to mix even for those who do not have time to cook a full meal.

Helping to revolutionise dinner or lunchtime, meal kits supply pre-measured ingredients and full recipe instructions, which aim to help make the process of cooking at home as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Consumers seem to be releasing this and these cook-at-home delivery services are offering a more nutritious solution to the “what’s for dinner” question.

Advantages of pre-measured meal kits

All pre-measured meal kits made by Virù S.A has an importance in healthy nutrition and environmental benefits.

Grain meals and cauliflower meals are healthy products, low in calories, that provides many vitamins, minerals and fibre for diet.

• Cheapness

Eating meal kits is an economically sustainable way to feed in healthy, controlled and at the same time simple and fast. These kits give you everything you need in a comfortable packaging on-the-go, easy to take anywhere. • Customizable in diets

Home kits are perfect also for vegetarians, or who has food intolerance, but also who wants to control quantities of products in a meal. This make mealtimes so much easier and healthy.

• Pre-measured ingredients

Everything you receive in a meal kit is perfectly portioned for one, two or a family sharing meal. All ingredients are in the exact amounts required for the recipe, premeasured, portioned and ready to go, eliminating wasted food.

• New flavours and recipes

One of the most appealing aspects of meal kits is the chance to try new flavours without the trouble of sourcing recipes and an array of ingredients. Some of the ingredients

you get with your kits are not easily found locally and in some cases, it can be difficult to get hold of fresh goods too.

• Eco-friendly packaging

Use pre-packed meal kits enable to follow an eco-friendly line. Decrease the use of pots and pans and the following waste of water for washing.