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Piquillo pepper: an innovative product

What is Piquillo Pepper?

The Piquillo Pepper is a variety of chili, Capsicum annuum. Traditionally grown in Northern Spain, It has a sweet taste with no heat, and its fruits are about 7 cm long. Piquillo” is the Spanish word for “little beak”, as these small, red peppers are shaped like the beak of a bird. 

This particular pepper is perfect for creating healthy and nutritious recipes such as soups, salads or peppers stuffed with proteins.

Why Piquillo Peppers are so loved by people?

Piquillo has rapidly become popular in the global market and found its way to countries outside Spain, especially EuropePeru is now a major supplier and exporter of these products: thanks to its climatic conditions, piquillo peppers can be grown and supplied to a diverse range of markets all year-round.  

The main feature of this pepper is its incredible taste: it is slightly piquant but with a sweet touch, which makes it perfect for everyone.

Furthermore, piquillo peppers are super nutricious: they are rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, fibers and antioxidants. 

They are also a very versatile ingredient suitable for both home cooking and appetizers. Thanks to their shape, fresh piquillo peppers are typically stuffed with meat, seafood or fish. 

Virú S.A. offers an extensive selection of stuffed piquillo peppers, all produced at Precomar in Spain, a company specializing in the production and sales of stuffed piquillo peppers in Europe and the USA

The Gourmet Line is particularly appreciated by food connoisseurs that like to try new food matches, such as piquillo pepper stuffed with pecorino cheese. Vegetarians can try a wide range of options and find all the nutrients and taste they look for in the piquillo peppers stuffed with mushrooms or rice and cheddar cheese. Piquillo peppers stuffed with seafood like tuna or smoked salmon are also delicious and preserve all the fresh taste of the sea. 

Preserved piquillo peppers are peeled and deseeded by hand, and then grilled or marinated before being packed into jars. They are very often used as appetizers or side dishes, especially with meat.

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