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Long Lasting Preserves Without Brine: Virú’s New Technology

Vacuum packing reduces the amount of air and therefore the amount of oxygen diminishes proportionally. This greatly reduces the risk of alteration due to oxidisation and the proliferation of aerobic bacteria that develop in the presence of air or oxygen.

Since the first use of packaged preserves, consumers have sought the best method of preservation that could protect products from environmental attacks.

It is well known that all foodstuffs deteriorate to the point of becoming inedible. This deterioration can be caused by micro-organisms, most of which need oxygen to breathe and develop. If the amount of oxygen is reduced, their growth is slowed down.

Vacuum tecnique

One of the best way to get rid of the oxygen is definitely the use of vacuum: the best preserves, especially those that come from transoceanic trips, are definitely those that are obtained with the technique of vacuum.

This completely eliminates the use of brine or other preservatives within the product, which could alter not only its organoleptic properties but also its health.

Vacuum Benefits:

preverves withou brine

  • Saving money and space – The vacuum not only helps the product to keep better and longer, but also to allow considerable savings in money and space.


  • Environmental protection – Vacuum sealing is also a viable food preservation technique to minimize wastes and prevent spoilage.


  • Preserve nutritional elements – Homeowners and restaurateurs can reap its benefits and enjoy clean, fresh, and healthy food every time.

Increased shelf life

Longer shelf life is the evident advantage of a vacuum seal as the method helps keep ingredients fresh. But how does it vacuum sealing actually work to keep food fresh? How does vacuum sealing preserve food?

In the 17th century, Denis Papin conducted the first experiments with preserving food in a vacuum, although this procedure was first used in the food industry in the 20th century. 

The technique has evolved toward other uses over the last twenty years or so, and is now associated with culinary techniques, such as modified atmosphere packaging and cooking food in a vacuum.

Viru’s preserves without brine

preserves without brineViru, a company that has always been attentive to technological innovations in the agri-food sector, started immediately with the production of canned products without brine using the vacuum method.

In a new package and product presentation, Viru presents an authentic tender crisp, with no added brine, to enjoy a healthy meal on the go.

This innovative packaging, ensures:

  • nutritional properties maintenance
  • long shelf life
  • easy to open

Viru’s vacuum preserves, are: