13/08/2020 - Blog

Superfoods in kids menus

Innovative and healthy new menus for kids

One of the best things to do for kids is to choose a healthy menu that can guide their growth.

Certainly the most difficult thing is to choose a suitable menu, and find a good compromise between taste and healthiness: children, in fact, are often reluctant to eat healthy foods, such as vegetables, because the taste maybe not always convince them.

Whole grains in kids nutrition

A good solution to ensure a right contribution of fiber in the diet of our children can be to replace the traditional bakery products, with whole grains.

These last can add fantastic flavor and texture to meals as well as support long-term health.

Children need about six servings of grains daily, and three or more of them should be whole grains because they have more nutrients and help kids feel full longer.

So instead of helping persuade kids to try the whole-grain version of pasta, bread, or another food when they’re already accustomed to a certain flavor, we goofed around with grains that they probably never tasted before.

If you’re trying to get more whole grains into your kid’s diet, maybe it’s time to try quinoa.

More restaurants are crafting kids’ menus that focus on whole grains like quinoa and whole wheat breads, rather than simple carbs like white bread, which offer little nutritional value.

Quinoa as a kid’s superfood

Quinoa is a gluten-free whole grain which is one of the few plant-based foods with complete protein. This makes it unique at a nutritional level especially for kid’s menu, because with a single quinoa dish it’s possible to cover most of the nutritional requirements.

Quinoa also delivers fiber and iron and, not least, it cooks up very fast: in about 15 minutes.

A funny solution to make kids eat superfoods is to organize dishes in order to have flavour and health at the same time.

Our Quinoa with fruits combining quinoa proteins’ with all fruit benefits, and creates a dessert full of energy and nutrition, which makes it a perfect and unique dish.


The trend of restaurants and food services that provide children’s menus, is therefore to increase whole foods, and to see soon more global flavors, from Mediterranean cuisine to West African dishes.

It will be more common to find kids’ menus that feature whole-grain superfoods like quinoa, as well as global cuisine.