23/07/2020 - Blog

The Rise of the Avocado as Healthy Food

In the last 20 years, avocado has become the A-listers of the food industry and a very desirable fruit able to shape our daily diets.

The appetite for this creamy versatile fruit has steadily grown, especially among millennials who have recently sent demand skyrocketing.
Recipe sites are filled with cooking inspirations: from the traditional guacamole and avocado toast to innovative avocado superfood salads, ice cream and desserts.

Why does avocado get so much buzz and is becoming one of the favorite foods of the 21st century?

According to Transparency Market Research (TMR), the overall estimated value of the global avocado market will be of US$21.56 billions by 2026.

Many factors have fueled the rise of this soft green star and its favourability among consumers, such as its long, exotic history (Central and Southern Americans had been eating the “ahuacate” since at least 500 BC).
Avocados have also benefited from its global recognition as a “super food” based on its incredible health benefits and it is considered a tasty, meaty substitute for vegetarians and vegans.

Furthermore, avocados have many applications in the food industry, and in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors:

Avocado Oil is a versatile culinary oil and an all-round ingredient for both sweet and savory dishes. Similar in texture and taste to olive oil, the avocado oil is ideal as a cooking
and finishing oil.
Cosmetic products made with avocado, are excellent moisturizers for dry and sensitive skin, and superb anti-wrinkles thanks to their exceptional penetrating properties.

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