06/07/2020 - Corporate News

Virú S. A. contributes with food and shelter for more than 600 families in the most needed communities in La Libertad

Committed to the welfare of the communities in its areas of influence, and even more so in such a complex context that we are currently experiencing due to the presence of COVID-19, Viru S.A. carried out several food and warm clothing donation campaigns that benefited more than 600 families in the communities of Juyacul, Mayasgo and California in the Province of Viru, in La Libertad. Thus contributing to provide food supplies to the most needed and remote populations of the province of Viru, areas of extreme poverty, which had not received sufficient support during the pandemic.

Committed to the health and welfare of the most vulnerable populations

  • The communities benefited were Juyacul, Mayasgo and California in the province of Viru.
  • The families and 11 Mothers’ Clubs received 2400 kilos of basic foodstuffs, as well as blankets and warm clothing.
  • “As a socially responsible company, we continued our support to the neediest communities during the pandemic season, and so we located the towns of Juyacul and Mayasgo. In a first opportunity, we visited these areas of extreme poverty and very far from the center of the Province of Viru, making the donation of more than 200 baskets of basic necessities, blankets and clothes for everyone. The families received the donations with great joy, emotion and gratitude. This comforts us because we are focused on ensuring the health, welfare and development of all our employees, their families and the most vulnerable and needy populations, and we will continue to do so, said Oscar Echegaray, Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Manager of Virú S. A.

    Likewise, in a second delivery, more than 400 baskets of basic necessities were donated to 11 Mothers’ Clubs in the community of California. These donations will be very useful for the soup kitchens of these organizations, since they will allow them to continue operating and feeding the beneficiary families in the midst of this pandemic. This is in line with the vision and objectives of the socially responsible approach that Viru S. A. promotes in all its branches nationwide.

    “With a great spirit of solidarity and vocation of service, the Human Capital team arrived to these distant communities in the Province of Viru, respecting the security and social distancing protocols, to deliver the donations in an orderly manner, which were received by all the needy families”, said Oscar Echegaray.

    Constant support throughout the pandemic
    It is worth mentioning that, in addition to these food donation campaigns, Viru S.A. carries out weekly fumigation and disinfection programs in its communities of influence in the six regions of the country where it operates (La Libertad, Ica, Ancash, Lambayeque, Lima and San Martin). Also, the implementation of the Radio Program: “Viru faces COVID-19” in the main radio stations most tuned in the Province of Viru, with which the population is kept informed about the care and recommendations to protect themselves from COVID-19.

    During the sanitary emergency in our country, Viru has also collaborated with the donation of agricultural products such as tons of avocado and Italian pumpkin, as well as with donations to the main Public Institutions (Municipalities, Police Stations, Health Centers, among others) with hygiene and disinfection materials such as hand-washing stations, alcohol, sodium hypochlorite and masks, strengthening its constant concern to collaborate with the health and well-being of its communities.