Certifications: Food Quality and Safety

Virú S.A. products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, satisfying the expectations of our most demanding customers and providing safe food for our consumers.

We seek to be at the forefront in food processing, demonstrating consistent, sustainable and safe processes; with our different certifications in international standards, we are always ready for any announced or unannounced audits carried out by accredited bodies with extensive track records.

Global GAP Certificaciones | Virú Naturally ahead


This is the standard that covers all the steps of the process of agricultural production and export, including the manipulation of products, known as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). This set of good practices aims to achieve crops that are safe, and agriculture that is sustainable and respectful to the environment.

Global GAP GRASP Certificaciones | Virú Naturally ahead


This is a GLOBAL GAP certification which aims to ensure that workers carry out their tasks in the best working conditions. This is to certify that workers are operating in an optimal environment in terms of health, wellness and safety.


This standard is a food safety system developed by the British retail distribution organization: British Retail Consortium (BRC). It is based on four pillars: quality, safety, legality and authenticity of food, which are required from all organizations engaged in food manufacture.

IFS Certificaciones | Virú Naturally ahead


International Food Standard (IFS) is a standard of food safety with a constant evaluation system used to accredit and select suppliers. It helps distributors to ensure food safety of its products and controls the level of quality of the producers.

HACCP Certificaciones | Virú Naturally ahead


Preventive systematic process to ensure food safety. It aims to identify the critical points in food processes, where the hygiene and the safety of the products need to be guaranteed. By means of specific controls, it reduces the risks of physical, chemical and microbiological hazards that can cause harm to the consumer.

USDA Organic Certificaciones | Virú Naturally ahead


Organic crops are produced without the use of chemicals or genetically modified seeds, creating healthy foods that retain all their nutritional properties, taste and vitality. Our processing facilities are also certified to ensure organic processes.
NOP is for North American markets and EU is for European markets.

Kosher Certificaciones | Virú Naturally ahead


This is a certification of a religious nature that certifies the purity and quality of an edible product for Jewish consumers.

Fambras Halal Brazil Certificaciones | Virú Naturally ahead


This is a certification of religious nature that certifies the purity and quality of an edible product permitted by Islamic law.

BASC Certificaciones | Virú Naturally ahead


Business Alliance for Secure Commerce is a certification for companies that maintain a Safety Management System in the Supply Chain.

  • It allows control over the activities of the company in relation to security in the warehouses, the entry of staff, visitors, shipping, and products until final destination.
  • It helps in the prevention of deliberate contamination of products by third parties with toxic substances to the detriment of our clients.
  • It prevents the company from being used as a means of transportation of illicit substances.
Fairtrade Certificaciones | Virú Naturally ahead


It is a certification system for products that comply with the environmental, labour and development standards established by FLO. The Fairtrade Certification Mark is applied after the independent audit of producers to ensure compliance with the standards required.

ABE Certificaciones | Virú Naturally ahead


Good Employers Association (GEA) is an institution that promotes Corporate Social and Working Responsibility, fostering respect for people.


The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is an important initiative led by the companies that are committed to improving working conditions in the global supply chain.


The SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit is one of the highest ethical audit formats used in the world.
The SMETA 4-pillar methodology is a common format of audit that assumes the same importance for four main areas:

  • Labour Standards
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Management
  • Integrity in Business

Great Place to Work

GPTW is an expert consultant agency in the evaluation of working climate and leadership development.
It certifies companies that comply with good labour practices, manage human talent and display good practices in social responsibility and sustainable development.
The GPTW certification is awarded to the Best Companies to Work For in Peru, recognizing the good working climate within the organization.

International Labour Organization – SCORE

Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) is an ILO global programme that improves productivity and working conditions in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

SGS Certificaciones | Virú Naturally ahead

ISO 14001:2015

International Certification of Environmental Management for the development of proper management in activities related to the organization’s environmental protection policies.

  • It helps to improve the environmental awareness of employees.
  • It drives a significant saving of resources.
  • It contributes to the control and minimisation of waste generation.
  • It facilitates compliance with the rules related to environmental protection within the organization.

ANAB Accredited Management Sistems

Accreditation is the means by which an authoritative body (ANAB) gives formal recognition that an organization is competent to carry out specific tasks.

HP Planet Partners

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