Who we are

Growth without limits or frontiers

We are a global company.

Virú S.A. has its main headquarters in Perú , from where it serves the main markets of the Americas. It has optimized its logistics processes by creating commercial offices in Europe and better serve the European and Asiatic markets: Virú Iberia, Virú France and Virú Italy.

In order to diversify its portfolio, Virú S.A. acquired Precomar S.L. for the production and sales of stuffed Piquillo peppers and became partner with Agroberries Peru to provide fresh and frozen blueberries. In addition, it created a new division called Caynarachi S.A. to bring the world closer to the native products of the tropical jungles of Peru.

Virú has a presence in 4 countries around the world and is formed by:

Virú | Naturally ahead – Perú
Precomar | Virú – Perú
Caynarachi | Virú – Perú
Agroberries | Virú – Perú

Our Market

We have a presence in more than 50 countries on the 5 continents.

We apply effective logistics solutions to deliver our products straight to their destination thanks to the vertical integration with our distribution centres and large strategic alliances with shipping companies to deliver all over the world in a timely manner.