Who we are

A company with principles: We are what we believe

We work with passion and commitment, keeping our promises.

Our philosophy is to ensure food safety and traceability throughout the production chain, from our fields to the consumers.

We are committed to innovating and developing new lines of products to satisfy the palates of our customers, as well as to diversifying our portfolio and farming areas to ensure the quality and freshness of the raw materials we produce.

Our philosophy: Innovation | Virú Naturally ahead


Innovation as corporate culture

Innovation is our mission, we develop an organizational culture based on designing new products and services, and use technology for the improvement of internal processes and marketing.


Growth in a sustainable manner

We believe that incorporating sustainability into our corporate strategy and operational decisions has a positive impact for business, the planet, our customers and communities, today and into the future.

Our philosophy: Innovation and Quality | Virú Naturally ahead


Quality from harvest to distribution

With special care, from our hands to yours, we ensure the traceability and food safety of our products throughout the production chain, preserving the natural taste of our fruits and vegetables.

Our philosophy: Our people | Virú Naturally ahead

Our people

Working together is the secret of our achievements

Thanks to the contributions, energy and vision of our people, we build the day-by-day success and future of our business. We have a highly specialized work team, committed to continuous improvement, sharing the business vision and passion and always in pursuit of the satisfaction of our customers.



Passionately sharing the same values that make us different.

Our values define the course of action, ethical principles and organizational culture of Virú. They are shared and implemented throughout the company, directing our strategies and all business activities.


We are always open, honest, ethical and genuine.


We are loyal to our consumers and partners, and committed to creating lasting relationships.


We strive to maximize our positive influence on the environment and local communities.


We provide outstanding products and services that deliver premium value to our consumers.


We treat our consumers and partners with dignity and respect.


We work together, across borders, in order to meet the needs of our consumers.