Ethical Line

Service to report on breaches of the code of ethics or other irregularities

Viru puts at the disposal of its partners, suppliers and customers, the communication service of the ethical line so that they can, in a safe manner, report on issues and events that are against a safe, ethical, transparent and productive corporate environment.

This is a direct channel of communication of the company that guarantees the independence, confidentiality and anonymity of the people who decide to use it.

How to file a complaint

Office of Internal
Audit of Viru

Phone Calls or WhatsApp to
(51) 932117013

via the website

File a complaint online

In order for the event to be assessed adequately, please report the incident.
The more details you provide, the easier it will be to investigate.
Whenever possible, please include in your report all relevant data as detailed below.

  • What is the event?
  • How, when and where the event occurred, occurs or will occur?
  • Who are the persons or companies involved or witnesses to the event?
  • How many times has the event occurred?
  • What would be the cause, motive or encouragement for this situation or event?
  • Was there, is there or will there be any monetary values involved? Report.
  • If there is evidence, how can we find it?